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© photo: Bruce 'Sunpie' Barnes

During a fantastic 3 months NOLA residency with the Villa Albertine, a new residency program by the french government and the french consulate in New Orleans, Sélène had the chance to be emerged in the scene right away.
Her residency entitled “Eritaj (Heritage): New Orleans, Caribbean and African American Music” was a life changing experience in the heart of the city.

Originally from Martinique (an island in the french Caribbean), she immediately formed a local band where she explored Caribbean and Creole cultures from the Louisiana perspective versus the french Antilles. 

While discussing with the historian Freddi Williams Evans and polymath Bruce ‘Sunpie’ Barnes, she learned about the history of the old New Orleans Creole Songs and she wanted to arrange them in her own way. 

On stage with she shares a very personal rendition of those melodies and sensitive lyrics with deep drums chants and flying counterpoint…

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